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Why choose “Goedkope Taxi Utrecht”?

Always a Low Price

We will drive you comfortably from A to B for a very good price. We track the prices of our competitors and adjust accordingly, so we can always offer you the cheapest ride.

Fast and High Quality service

A ride from us is not only cheap, but also fast! Our drivers receive instructions to always drive you to your destination using the fastest route, so you get to where you’re going as soon as possible.

Quick Reservation

Reserving a ride with one of our taxis is done within 1 minute. Call +3130 – 227 35 77 or fill in this contact form to reserve your ride. Reserving a taxi in Utrecht province has never been easier!


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“Goedkope Taxi Utrecht”: Low price and highly experienced

At “Goedkope Taxi Utrecht” you will never be thrown an unexpected curve ball. We offer everything you need from a taxi service. From the moment you make you reservation to the moment you arrive at your destination, our drivers will make sure everything goes as it should to provide you with the perfect taxi ride.

Goedkope Taxi Utrecht

We are experienced in all kinds of rides. Whether you’re an individual in need of a ride from Utrecht to Schiphol Airport, whether you require business rides for your clients, or whether you needs special transport needs with a taxi bus, we can accomodate all of it for you. Don’t hesitate, and call +3130 – 227 35 77 or fill in this contact form to reserve your taxi ride in Utrecht province for guaranteed the lowest trip fares.

Thanks to our years of experience in Utrecht province we know the fastest and shortest routs, so you pay less and you’re at your destination much faster.

Friendly service, the cheapest price, an easy reservation system and a comfortable and quick ride. That is our motto. Don’t worry, we will not disappoint you!

For any questions, please call +3130 – 227 35 77 or you can contact us through our contact form.

Check out this page for the base trip fares (in Dutch)

Goedkope Taxi Utrecht
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